We are video content creators, translating the message from our customers into an attractive audiovisual realization that appeals to the desired target audience.


We produce all types of video:

  • live shoot

  • corporate video

  • mood video

  • animation

  • 360 °

  • augmented reality

  • VR

  • time laps ...


We take into account the channel where the video is shown: presentations, social media, web, app, TV ... and the desired video strategy.

Tom’s Cabin is a young Antwerp audio-visual production company (or production cabin, if you wish) which is firmly based on decades of experience in audio-visual communication.  


We are a full content provider with our own approach. In each project we execute, we focus on your company, your event, your story. We like to act as your partner in order to convert, together, your story into audio-visual realizations. for all of your  advertising communication storytelling marketing. 

We produce  animation testimonial digital livestreaming and many other corporate video content creation.


And don't forget your webinars, hybride events.