At Tom's Cabin, you'll find audio-visual production units (or production cabins, if you wish) which are firmly based on decades of experience in audio-visual communication.

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We are a full content provider with our own approach. Tom's cabin strives for close collaboration so that, together, we can turn the story into an audiovisual realization with the emphasis on your message.


Transparent project management is centralized in a single contact point with a close communication line to the client and with a clear framework for planning, execution and budget.

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The starting point of production is the concept. We interpret the briefing with the focus on your story into an attractive creative concept.

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We follow the hypes, trends and latest, newest techniques and we will apply them, but only when they mean added value to your story.

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Our teams of creative geniuses are experts in their fields. We choose the right people for the right job. And adjust every team in terms of the necessity of the production. Every single aspect is covered, from directors to motion graphic designers, sound engineers, camera operators, editors, ... You name it; we have them!