To produce good video content, we work as a team. Client, producers, creatives, everybody has to play his role. To have everybody on board, we use clear and transparent planning. This way, everybody knows when and what is happening and who will execute or give input.

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1. Kick-off meeting :

We start every project with a kick-o meeting. We discuss with you the expectations of the video.

  • Which message should stay with the viewer? 

  • What is the video strategy? 

  • Where and how will the video be shown? 

  • ... 

Through these steps, we can get the right approach. This way, the script can be matched to the expected result. 


We prefer a face-to-face meeting. It's a more convenient way to discuss the necessary details. At the same time, we get to know each other better; which will benefit our collaboration. 

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2. Script development :

Based on the substantive input we receive from you, and within the framework of the concept discussed during the kick-off meeting, we will work out the project & script in detail. 

  • How are we going to tell the story? 

  • Which visual style will we use? 

  • Who tells his/her story? 

  • What extra visuals do we need? 

  • ... 

This process is done with the necessary feedback and consultation moments until we have an approved script and concept. 

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3. Preproduction :

We prepare the filming necessities simultaneously during the development of the script. 

  • Appointments

  • Location hunting and visits

  • Matters relating to the subject, 

  • Casting

  • Recce 

  • PPM

  • ... 

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4. Shooting : 

After a lot of preparation we are ready for the real action: filming.

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5. Postproduction

  1. The transcription of interviews:

    • in the first phase, we make the transcription of all the interviews. We will provide you with a copy of this. We can, if desired, evaluate them together. 

  2. Interview cut

    • We start in the first phase with the editing of the interviews. We build the story on the base of the various interview footage. This cut is a rough version, without music, illustrative images, graphics, titles, sound design. 

    • We invite you to give feedback. We make the required adjustments in close collaboration with you until we have your approval on the content. The interviews lie at the base of the video. When all these things have come together, we start finishing the video. 

  3. Editing

    • Now that the content of the story is approved, we start the editing. Opening shots, illustration shots, intermediate images,... The story is visually worked out. Now a storyline, rhythm, and feeling would emerge. This version will also be presented to you and adjusted via feedback rounds until we have an oke go. 

  4. SFX:

    • In this phase, we will work out all the graphic elements: titles, graphics (cards, SVO's, supporting texts in the image). There are still feedback moments so that we can fine-tune them. 

  5. Sound:

    • After the SFX, we have a definitive approved video version. Now we are going to finish the sound, and this includes the next steps: 

      • Assembling the sound: Music + sound effects. 

      • Sound effects give the right support to the video.

  6. Master video:

    • We prepare the final master video with the last handling: colour grading and compressions