About Tom's Cabin

Tom’s Cabin is an audio-visual production house (or production cabin, as our name suggests) that draws on decades of experience in audiovisual communication. But don’t you worry, our team still consists of a lot of young and dynamic talent, the ideal mix!

We are a full content provider with a specific approach. With every project we carry out, our focus is your company, your event and the story you want to tell. We act as a loyal partner to transform your story into audio-visual reality.

For all your advertising, communication, storytelling and marketing.

Our values



Our most important core value is without doubt authenticity. Nowadays, we are inundated with numerous forms of communication every day at a rapid pace. Not a moment passes by in which our brain isn’t stimulated by a certain medium. Online or offline, consciously or unconsciously. It happens on every level. So how do you attract attention? Easy! By choosing authentic storytelling means you’ll stand out like the northern star in a permanently lit up sky.



It goes without saying that we strive to produce visionary, engaging and eye-catching videos in which our client’s message plays the leading role. In doing so, we must never lose sight of the main objective: communicating in line with the client’s visual identity and core value. We receive a great deal of information from our clients, but it is our task and mission to mould it into an appropriate concept.

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Connecting with your audience is of course the ultimate goal of a video. As soon as there is a connection, a message is admitted into the viewer’s eye and perceived as valuable. This brings us to the next step: the importance of the communication channel. Each medium has specific needs to make a message crystal clear.

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