Our way of working

How we work

Producing good video content requires teamwork. The customer, producers, creatives, everyone plays their part. To have everyone on board at the right time, we make a clear and transparent planning. That way, everyone knows when and what is happening and, more importantly, who is doing it.

Full content provider

At Tom’s Cabin, you’ll find audio-visual production units (or production cabins, as we like to call them) that are based on decades of experience in audio-visual communication.

We are a full content provider with a specific approach. With every project we carry out, Tom’s Cabin focus is your company, your event or the story you want to tell. We work closely together to transform your story into audio-visual realisations.

Creative concept

Every production starts with a strong concept. We use the building blocks of a briefing to create an attractive creative concept. The focus always stays on your story.

We follow the hypes, trends and the latest techniques and apply them if they add value to your story.

The right people for the right job

The management of your project is transparently centralised into a single point of contact with a close communication line to you, the client, and with a clear framework for planning, execution and budget.

Our teams of creative geniuses are experts in their fields. We choose the right people for the right job. And tailor each team to the needs of the production. Every aspect is covered, from directors to motion graphic designers, sound technicians, cameramen, editors… You name it: we have it!

Our production process

Kick-off meeting

We start every project with a kick-off meeting. We discuss your expectations of the video. What is your key message? What is your overall video strategy? Where and how will the video be shown?
By going through these steps, we develop the right approach. In this way, we match the script to the expected result. We prefer to meet you in person. It is a more efficient way to discuss the necessary details. At the same time, we get to know each other better, which enhances our cooperation.

Script development

Based on the content input we receive from you during the kick-off meeting, we work out the project and script details.
How will we tell the story? What visual style do we use? Who will tell his/her story? Which extra visuals will reinforce the message? This process runs until the necessary feedback during consultation moments is approved in a script and concept.


There is a lot of practical organisation involved in preparing for a shooting day. Therefore, while developing the script, we also prepare all the film equipment.
We make appointments and go location hunting if necessary. We reassure you; nobody gets hurt in the process. Thanks to efficient project management, we ensure that everything is prepared for the shooting of the video.


After a lot of preparation, we are ready for the director to shout ‘ACTION’. Though let’s be honest, in corporate movies the term is not often used. That’s more for Hollywood filmsets. ​
Every camera operator has its specific strengths. We always select the right people for the job, so you can be sure that everything will be handled professionally.


In post-production, we finish your video into a masterpiece that will win awards on the red carpet. Or at least awards in your customers minds.
This includes transcription of interviews, editing, graphics, sound design... We prepare the final master video with the final touches: colour grading and compression.

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